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someone was spying on me having sex!

2007-09-17 22:27:17 by MrRebal

Ok , so last night i was having sex with my wife , we do have a son and a daughter. But , i think my son came downstairs last night without us hearing and was spying on us. We heard a small noise but ignored it and continued. It was way fun tho! My wife checked on him after we did it and he was asleep so hopefully he doesnt go on ng!


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2007-09-17 22:34:39

wow, you should read teabagslayer's post and see if it relates.


2007-09-17 22:58:33

^^ wow, are you serious?


2007-09-17 23:12:59

This is actually a funny parody thread.


2007-09-17 23:24:32

Oh no. Now there's shitty parody blogs! Gak!